Coated E Glass

The Tech Materials supply a great range of thermal textiles. All of our materials have been tested by both our in-house test centre and manufacturing partners. Our main focus is on the supply of silicone coated glass cloths and other insulation jacket coatings.

We also offer a wide range of industrial textiles, plain woven to Multi-Axials. Coating and laminates include Polyurethane, Silicon, Neoprene, Silica, Aluminium PTFE, and PVC. Our thermal textiles and composites are typically used for thermal protection, fire protection, welding protection, electronic, industrial composites, petrochemical, filtration, automotive and aerospace industries.

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Silicone Coated Cloth E Glass

80g Silicone Coated Glass Cloth is an excellent fire-resistant facing, commonly used when manufacturing automotive exhaust jackets. The silicone coating is a very versatile facing, it is temperature resistance and excellent at keeping dirt grit and chemicals away from key components of the exhaust.

Acrylic Impregnated E Glass

Acrylic Impregnated E Glass

E glass fabric with flame-retardant acrylic impregnation, excellent fire resistance with anti-slip properties.

Silica Coated Fabric

Dual coated silica fabric

TFACING 5 silica fabric has duel coatings, one side is coated with vermiculite and the other polyurethane (PU). Vermiculite improves the fabrics heat resistance while PU helps improve the processing capabilities of the material.

Vermiculite Coated

Vermiculite Coated

Vermiculite coated glass fabric boasts high strength, high temperature and high shock resistance.

Graphite Coated Cloth

Graphite Coated E Glass

Graphite coated E glass has excellent resistance to high temperatures and has high abrasion resistance.


Wire Reinforced PU Coated Glass Cloth

Wire reinforced Pu coated glass cloth has excellent strength properties and high resistance to vibration. It is a brilliant material to use where you require a hardy, long lasting facing with high chemical resistance and fire retardancy.

PU Coated Glass Cloth

E Glass Foil

TFOIL 1 is manufactured using E glass fabric laminated with aluminium foil. TFOIL 1 Is an excellent general purpose foil for wrapping and insulation purposes. This material has also been certified with RFID certification, helping to prevent credit cards from illegal RFID scans.


Coated E Glass Cloth

We can manufacture to your required specification. Including: Teflon, Silicone, PU, Aluminium Foiled, Acrylic, Vermiculite and much more.

Other Coated Glass Cloths