UK Supplier Of Ultra Soft EPDM

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UK Supplier Of Ultra Soft EPDM

Tech Materials offer a wide range of Ultra Soft EPDM’s  in sheets, rolls, extrusions and slit to size.

The TSEAL product range consists of semi-closed cell EPDM foams, manufactured to provide one of the best sealing solutions on the market. Tech Materials offer a wide range of compression deflections and densities to target specific applications.  We work closely with customers to ensure the approval of our material, providing test certificates, technical data and samples. Customers are encouraged to send Nitto specified parts to Tech Materials so we can put together comparisons, examples and a business case to convince your customer why they should use TSEAL instead.

TSEAL is one of the best sealing materials on the market. Tech Materials are competitive on price and superior on seal.

What Is Ultra Soft EPDM Used For?

Ultra Soft EPDM is commonly used in the Automotive industry. We supply material in thicknesses of 3mm to 50mm with skin one side, skin both sides or no skins at all. We also supply TSEAL in extruded profiles.


  • Noise, Vibration & Harshness: Seals, pads, strips, gaskets, closure strips, anti vibrations pads, door seals, ect.
  • Sound Control / Acoustics: The semi closed cell structure offers sound adsorption properties while preventing oils, dirt and grime.
  • Heating & Ventilation: Creating the perfect seal for air and water sealing.
  • White Goods: Door seals, edge seals, anti vibration pads, ect.
  • Construction: TSEAL has high UV resistance and a wide temperature range.  It is a perfect solution for window seals and door seals.

Tech Materials Ultra Soft EPDM works extremely well where a seal is required over difference levels and textures. The softness of the material allows the seal to form into its environment with ease.


Take the stress out of procurement and trying to identify an exact material match by sending us your current data sheet and application. We do not manufacture finished products and should not be seen as a competitor, we operate on a strict supply only policy. We will match your specification with our best suited material.

For more information on Tech Materials Ultra soft EPDM, please contact our sales office at 01952 947390 or click here to contact us. Alternatively contact us on Tech Materials LinkedIn Page.