Green Skips Stencils and Stickers

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Green SkipsĀ Stencils and Stickers

Green Skips came to us with a problem.

How can we put signage on the side of skips with possible dents?

The solution we came up with was a flexible stencil with 100% magnetic backing allowing a tight fit to a dented curved skip without any paint runs. These were made utilising a combination of adobe illustrator, CAD CAM and state of the art water jet cutting technology.

For a delivery of 500 new skips we printed hard wearing stickers with hi tack adhesive and UV stabilised weather resistant vinyl sticker ensuring the name and telephone number of Green Skips will be clear years to come. Stickers provide a bright clean solution with out drilling holes that weaken the skips structures, encourage rust and is considerably cheaper than welding.

For more information on stencils and stickers or any other of our printing services, please get in touch!

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