Our Capabilities

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We specialize in processing materials focusing on high volume cutting, shaping and profiling. We have a range of foam cutting machinery including band saws, rolling profile machines, slitters and a CNC profiler.  We also have the capabilities to laser cut facings, plastic sheets and aluminum composites. Our heavy duty abrasive waterjet also allows us to shape sheet rubber.


Our state of the art profiling machine and close relationship to our machine manufacture means we can profile almost any design. Depending on the order volume we can manufacture profiled rollers to your design, we will also get the rollers manufactured at cost saving you money in the long run.

Shaping & Slitting

We are able to slit foam blocks to any size required. We use our CNC slitters and bandsaws to shape and size our foams to the specification you require. We are set up for high volume foam conversion with a dedicated team of bandsaw and silter operators. Our cost-effective supply network and lean manufacturing facility make us very competitive in foam processing.


We have two laser cutting machines that can cut a wide range of materials. We are able to cut materials to your design and help speed up your manufacturing process by removing the shaping process. Common products we cut are exhaust jacket skins, plastic designs and finished automotive parts such as construction vehicle windows.


Not only do we supply materials at a competitive price we can process the material using our nesting software. This helps reduce your sheet wastage and maximise your part output. By purchasing and processing your materials through The Technical Materials Company we go above and beyond any other materials supplier to ensure you maximise your material usage, by accessing our wide range of machinery and Sigmanest software.